Forged railing types, forms, fastening methods

Railings can be divided into these groups depending on their shape:

  • horizontal
  • staircase
  • curved landing balustrade
  • curved stair balustrade

At times, because of the specific shape of a staircase, work with some sections must be carried out with additional attention, by removing patterns, or through additional fittings during the manufacturing process. This usually applies to sections with circular steps.

Some types of forged railings

  • on top of the step with pillars or racks (photo 1.0)
  • on top of the step with wooden poles (photo 1.1)
  • on the side of the stairs or a ceiling with metal columns or poles (photo 1.2)
  • fastened by attaching to walls or columns (photo 1.3)

If an additional section fastening is required, the element or arm for it is designed in the same style as the existing railings.

The designs of some railings contain a great deal of elements making it possible to fasten these without support posts.


Handrails in wrought iron railings can be made of different materials, including:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • stone;
  • PVC.

Metal handrails are installed together with the railing, while the other options involve an initial installation of the profile, pipe or metal strip, after which they attach the wood, stone or PVC handrails.

Metal handrails can have different shapes:

  • round pipe
  • rectangular
  • decorative strip
  • one of the types of wrought iron handrails

Photos of our works


Toward the completion of the assembly process all of our products are sandblasted to clean them from welding residues. Then the spackling process takes place and 2-3 covers of primer and the same number of layers of paint are applied. We exclusively use primers and paints from the world’s leading manufacturers (WS-Plast, Tikkurila, Hammerite). As a final touch, at the request of the client, a patina can be applied to the product.

As required, within 10 working days from the receipt of your order we will provide the project design or a life size visualization of the product.

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